How We Work

Our goal is to build the project you want. We want to find out what you want out of your home and make sure you get it. We are not here to design a project that fulfills our ego or gives you more than you need. Want to remodel your home? Let us work with you from the outset to guide you successfully from start to finish

We encourage our customers to come to us first.  We offer a “design assist” program that we feel best suits the needs of our customers.  Design assist means we find the best way to get the design help you need up front which is most comfortable for you.  This helps you get the home you want within the budget you are comfortable with.  We work with a network of prequalified design professionals which include architects, interior designers, structural engineers, kitchen designers, and we also will work directly with you if you want to develop the design yourself.  Here are a few examples of how we have worked with clients in the past.

Client has pictures of how their home should look.  Yes we can build that.  Some of our most successful projects have been completed when customers provide us with pictures of what they want their kitchen, bathroom, cabinetry, windows, etc. to look like.  This type of project typically involves interior renovations and minor exterior improvements.  With this type of project, we supply the plans in house for permitting and planning.  We direct our clients to various showrooms so they can pick out their own materials.  With our input on functionality and compatibility with budget, we work together to design your exact vision of the home you want.  We get it right – down to the last detail.

Client is considering a major renovation but needs help getting started.  Major renovations and additions to homes often necessitate a quality architect to make sure the addition and/or renovation fits with the existing home.  After determining the client’s goals during the remodeling process, an architect will often be able to conceptualize one or more directions for the project and work with the contractor and owner to design the project to fit your needs and your budget.

Client has a clear idea of what they want but the project involves structural issues.  Many of our clients are thinking about an addition to their home.  Maybe they want to remove walls during the remodel project.  With this type of project, we can direct you to a structural engineer to help with explaining what is needed to complete your project.  We translate the structural needs into construction costs and determine if it works within the budget.  The engineers can then complete the design process for the project and provide drawings for permitting and building.  The owners can then select materials and plan details as it fits for them.

Need more help?  Construction choices can leave even the most seasoned remodeler confused.  How do you determine the best countertop, window, or cabinet to use in your home?   We can refer you to interior designers, kitchen designers, and experienced material salespersons to help you make the right choices.